Inov-8 EvoSkin Review

The EvoSkin uses patent pending technology to create a glove-like fit of silicon around the foot and individual toes. This medical grade silicon second skin flexes in a unique and dynamic way, which allows the wearer to literally connect with the earth and experience the freedom reserved for barefoot purists.

You'll be hard pressed to find a shoe that will get you closer to the ground or more barefoot than the EvoSkin, and I'm a big Vibram Five Finger fan but the EvoSkin even beats them for ground feedback This is a zero drop skin, weighs 5.6 ounces, and has a skin thickness of 2.4 mm, that's crazy!

For me, the Evoskins really did fit like a glove and didn’t restrict the movement of my toes. There was a tighter feeling, but I could comfortably wiggle my piggies. Plus, the silicon material really hugged my foot all round for a very natural fit.

Vibram Five Fingers look cool. There’s no question about that. However, the Evoskins fit better and you also get a better feeling underfoot. They’re also very easy to clean by simply rinsing them under a tap. And they fold up very easily to fit into small pockets!

When your looking at grip, the EvoSkins will do the job but the newer model Vibram Five Fingers have the edge there. And if your wondering about protection, simply due to the thicker soles on the Vibram Five fingers, they win but then lose on ground feedback

Inov-8 recommends integrating the Evoskins into a training regimen to aid in strengthening the feet. The company further promises “gecko-like grip” when the silicone skins are used during water sports. The Evoskins are on sale (February, 201) for about $65 per pair.

I give them 4 toes up!

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