Top Running Songs

People always are asking "what are the best running songs?" It's a little hard to pick running songs for people because we all have different tastes. I put together songs with a good beat and tempo that I hope you'll enjoy.

Lose The Shoes Top Running Songs:

1. JOE SATRIANI: "Summer song"
2. AT VANCE: "Only human"
3. EMINEM: "Lose Yourself
4. NICKELBACK: "Animals"
5. EMINEM: "Till I Collapse"
6. SURVIVOR: "Eye of the tiger"
7. EDGUY: "Lavatory love machine"
8. MICHAEL JACKSON: "Don`t stop till you get enough"
9. HEAVY METAL KIDS: "Viva New York"
10. KANYE WEST: "Stronger"

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