CrossFit Snatch

As I mentioned prior I had inquired my shoulder last week, I worked out Monday as it was mainly Legs, but took yesterday off as it was a lot of shoulder movements.  Today was good, I took it easy on the Snatch as there was alittle tightness but had no issues with the other Movements.

Look for another post later today on supplements.


Warmp-Up then.......

A.) EMOTM 14
Snatch 3 reps

B.) EMOTM 12
Odd: Deadlift 10-12
Even: Explosive Step Up 20 reps

C.) EMOTM 10
Odds: Wtd Walking Lunge 20 reps
Evens: Kettlebell Swings 20 reps


  1. what is emotm? Careful of your shoulder. Ice if swollen and heat if not :)

  2. Every Min on the Min..... So you'd do your 3 reps and rest until the next min