Xero Shoes on Shark Tank, Tank....

As I mentioned in my last post Xero Shoes were going to present their shoes to the sharks on Shark Tank. Steven Sashen and Lena Phoenix who are husband and wife owners of Xero Shoes which was formally known as Invisible Shoes walked before the sharks tonight. You can see my review here on Invisible shoes.

So if you missed Xero Shoes on the Shark Tank tonight here's a quick update:

The segment started off with a video of Steven running through the hills talking about the history behind Xero Shoes.

It was funny when Lena and Steven walked into the Shark Tank, all the sharks stare at their feet making funny faces.

Steven was able to poke alittle fun at Kevin by having a Xero Shoe with a pendant with Kevins face.

During the presentation Robert puts on the 4mm and 6mm shoes and walks across grass,dirt, and stones.

Steven and Lena take some heat about their evaluation, but Kevin throws out a crazy offer asking for 50% of the company.

I knew this was going no wheres once Robert backed out because he was the only that believed in the shoes.

I think with their appearance on the Shark Tank, Xero Shoes will only grow from the exposure.

Lets Prove Kevin Wrong and help Xero Shoes grow!!

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