Gost Chainmail Shoes

Have you ever wanted to be a Knight? I must admit that I would have loved to have been in the dark ages, not sure if I would have been a white Knight or the dark Knight.

These chainmail shoes are the perfect way for you to go medieval on your walking or exercise regimen. That’s not even mentioning the protection your feet will get from unprovoked knight attacks.

Whether you need protection from the sidewalk or your raiding a castle, A German company, Gost, has a solution for all your chain mail footwear needs in their PaleoBarefoots line.

A pair of the shoes will run you about $250, and are actually specifically designed for barefoot running, a cold steel alternative for the popular fitted running shoes on the market. Extra weight aside, it’s easy to actually see the benefits of the footwear. The interlocked steel rings found on the product will protect your feet and breathe better than the synthetic materials commonly found in regular running shoes.

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