Fut Glove Shoes

I'm exciting that in the next little while I'll be receiving a new pair of Fut Glove Shoes, Fut Gloves are called the "New Barefoot."

I am always looking around the web for new minimalist running shoe companies, 2011 has seemed to be the year of Barefoot shoes. The thing about trends is that a lot of times companies will jump out of the woodwork creating a poor product just to make a few dollars, but the thing that excites me about Fut Glove is that they appear to be creating a high quality product, and it seems like they listen to customer feedback and make changes with a true understanding of Barefoot Running.

When Looking at Fut Glove it's easy to see who their competition will be, Vibram Five Fingers had the market on toe shoes cornered, but it's great to see competition it helps make the product better for the users.

When Speaking with Dan from Fut Glove he wanted to pass this message on to you about his product:

A few differences of Fut Glove vs. others
  • Fut Gloves are built for comfort while strengthening the foot with a five toe shoe design
  • Fut Gloves are made with high impact rubber & EVA foam mid sole which runs from the heel through the toe areas.
  • Fut Gloves are constructed more like a "regular" shoe with structure and support.
Look for the full review down the road.

Happy Running

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