Happy Birthday Lose The Shoes

Well Lose The Shoes turns 1 yr old today!
I'm thankful to all of you that read my reviews and check in on my life, the last year has been fun.

I'd also like to wish a Happy Birthday to anyone out their celebrating their birthday today, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal or Criss Angel are reading this who share my birthday.

Here are some links to highlights of the year:

- Lose The Shoes got shirts
- Yummy KoHo Bars
- Jinga Shoes review

Hope you had a great year with me and will check back throughout my second year.


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  2. Those birthday shoes are funny. I would love to get myself a pair of those. If Prada's design team would see this, they might have to re-think about their next collection. Kidding aside, I think you got a really interesting blog. Keep it up.

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