Running Injuries

I was poking around online today and came across an article by where they talked about avoiding running injuries by using proper form.

I kinda laughed because they mentioned how barefoot runners and minimalist runners are weird and extremists so people don't listen to the message they deliver about injury-free running.

The article states: the injury statistics show that out of all current runners, 79 per cent of them are injured every year. That’s insane. We’re obviously doing something wrong.This New York Times Magazine article has discovered a secret: It’s not really whether or not you run barefoot or with the latest Nikes that prevent injury, it’s the form you use when you run.

This is so true, you can wear your Vibram Five Fingers, Vivobarefoot shoes or Reebox Realflex's but if you run with improper form and heel strike you haven't made things better but worse.

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