On Cloudrunner Review

The 2011 Cloudrunner

Concrete made easy. The Cloudrunner features On's patented CloudTec 3D cushioning system that absorbs both vertical and horizontal forces. Heavy impact is transformed into a light, natural run that stimulates your postural muscles. The Cloudrunner is designed for high-impact runs, long training sessions and enduranace runs. The Cloudtec system states it enables excellent stress absorption, effcient energy transfer and fast recovery.

CloudTec™ technology
On has invented a new running sensation. "It feels like on clouds!” is a common reaction when somebody takes the first steps in the On shoes. The feeling of lightness is evoked by 13 circular rubber elements, which stimulate the body to reach its optimal performance state, it is “On”.

On CloudTec™
The patented sensation of running like on clouds

The wish for a pain-free and effortless running experience marked the beginning of the On CloudTec™ technology: a Swiss engineer and running pioneer, who was struggling to continue to run because his knees had taken severe damage from years of using conventional running shoes, set out to change the physics of running.

He had realized that he felt much less pain when running on gravel or sand covered trails, which would allow his foot to softly glide into every step. The engineer observed that there are two forces at work when running: the vertical and the horizontal impact. He discovered that it is the horizontal impact, which causes the most damage to muscle cells, ligaments and joint. Oddly, existing running shoes only absorb the vertical impact. The engineer wanted to create a running shoe, which would allow a runner to land as softly as on sand and to push off as
effectively as on concrete.

The result was a surprisingly simple, yet highly functional cushioning element: A piece of circular rubber, which absorbs both the vertical and the horizontal impact. As the foot hits the ground with forward momentum, the CloudTec™ element folds back, effectively allowing the foot to glide to a softer halt. After landing, the element is compressed by the weight of the runner, locks together and is fully firm for the push-off. The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Testing and Research concluded that the On CloudTec™ cushioning system reduces impact force by 25-30 percent, and is even more active during push-off than a regular running shoe.

This benefits all runners: top athletes can train longer and more often, because the musculature takes less strain. Recreational runners, of which up to 60 percent regularly suffer from major or minor injuries, can finally run without pain – and because of slower fatigue, they even run faster and longer.

The 3D flexibility of the 13 On CloudTec™ elements are responsible for the astonishing sensation of running light, almost as if on clouds. The subtle, subliminal instability stimulates the postural muscles, regulates muscle tone, improves posture, and activates the metabolism. As a result, runners or walkers feel more awake, experience less pain in joints, ligaments and muscles, strengthen their muscles whilst toning and slimming their upper thighs and buttocks.

World-class international triathlete Olivier Bernhard (3-times World Champion and 6-times Ironman Winner) was one of the first athletes to test and adopt the new technology. Thanks to his initiative, close to 2’000 test runners have helped to perfect the CloudTec™ system and to bring On to the roads and trails of the world.

Because of its high level of innovation, On CloudTec™ was granted worldwide patents.

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  1. I've been running in Ons for a couple of months now and really think they are great. They have 4 mm of drop, and while I'd prefer zero drop, they are still much better than traditional shoes. Roomy toebox, light, effective but not overwhelming cushioning, and they're good-looking.