Merrell BareFoot Overview

Merrell wants you to free your feet, so they launched the Merrell Barefoot line with Vibram shoes.

Merrell launched 6 different styles, all to be reviewed here. The 6 styles are Men's Barefoot Trail Glove, Men's Barefoot True Glove, Men's Barefoot Tough Glove, Women's Barefoot Pace Glove, Women's Barefoot Pure Glove and The Women's Barefoot Power Glove.

Merrell jumped into the Barefoot market in full force, and they are even up with the times launching a Barefoot app recently.

Like the Barefoot app Merrell is big on teaching runners how to run properly, if you go to the Merrell website they have a huge Barefoot running section with videos and experts.

I  Love to see when a shoe company launches a shoe and throws alot of substance behind it. Some shoe companies have jumped on the Barefoot wagon with a lot of marketing dollars with little substance, Merrell has done it right.

Check back for reviews on all their shoes.


  1. Is there anything at all for that there is no app? :D
    I ordered my first pair Merrells today and I'm curious how it will be. I heard already that you have to take it slow, in order to not overcharge your feet. Well, I'll see how it will work out :)

  2. Yes your right, start off with shorter sloee runs till your body gets used to the new feel, a great tip is to always wear them around the house first... Enjoy what kind did u get?

  3. I bought a pair Pace Gloves (Acacia). I wore them yesterday for the first time... It was very, eh, special :)
    But I felt better after a few minutes and I think they will be my new running shoes :)