Vibram Five Fingers Performa

The Vibram Five Fingers Performa is Vibrams attempt to make a more fashionable shoe. This Shoe has a great look that will appeal to active women. The Performa is meant to be in Yoga studios and be be worn when comfort and style is a must. I think this is the right step for Vibram.

A secure fit for active feet. With the Performa Jane, you get all the same barefooting benefits as the original Performa, plus a strap that provides an even more secure fit during active use. The kangaroo leather upper is soft against your bare foot, yet strong and tear resistant, with outstanding breathability.

 A seven-part Vibram® rubber sole delivers maximum feel and flexibility without sacrificing slip resistance. The Performa Jane was designed primarily for indoor use during fitness training, yoga and Pilates. The sole is not designed for extended use during outdoor activities like trekking, running or water sports.

Popular uses for the Performa Jane

Fitness - Traveling - After Sport

Specifications - Materials:

UPPER - Kangaroo Leather
SOLE - 7 Piece TC-1 Rubber
FOOTBED - Kangaroo Leather
Machine washable. Air dry away from sun or heat source.