Vibram Five Finges: KOMODO SPORT

The Komodo Sport has to be my Favorite of all the VFF's I have tried or owned. They have a aggressive look with cool colors and are very comfortable.
When it comes to appearance the Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sport looks every bit the technical sports performance shoe that it is. Borrowing design elements from the KSO and Bikila before restyling them into something sleeker and far more aggressive, these Five Fingers are covered in eye catching details. I love the bright colors, with Gold,Yellow and blue.

The Komodo Sport is just not all about it's great looks, The Komodo Sport offers a seamless 2mm foot bed, more comfort, better grip and a snug fit for any sport you throw at it.

A downside to all this comfort is that the shoe is a little bulkier, now when I say bulkier I mean for VFF's standards, so you lose a little feedback from the ground.

The First thing you'll notice when sliding the Komodo Sport on is that they go on a little easier and the material is stretchy. Next as you position your foot within the shoe you'll notice that the heel cup in the Komodo Sport is padded, I like the feel but it does take away a little from the ground feedback. The Komodo Sport also offers two Velcro straps that allow you to adjust the fit a little better.

With the Komodo Sports foot bed that feels great, it does have its downside. When you add a 3mm foot bed to a 4mm sole now you have almost doubled the amount of material between your foot and the ground. Also with the foot bed I have been afraid to remove it thinking I may not get it back in properly, but you can still wash it fine.

With the Komodo Sport you may lose a little feedback due to the thicker sole, but I think the benefits out weight that. The Komodo Sport is prefect for the multi-sport athlete.



UPPER - Stretch Mesh and Polyamide
SOLE - TC-1 Rubber
FOOTBED - 3mm PU & CoolMax
Machine washable. Air dry away from sun or heat source.


Men's size 42 - 7.1oz. each, 14.2oz./pair

Best for: Running  and Fitness

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