Crossfit Open 17.2 Recap

Well this is the week.... It's the week of the muscle ups, can I continue and do 17.2 RX?

Leading up to 17.2 I had been practicing muscle ups with a couple girls from my 10am class, after class we would all work on muscle ups, I was able to get a couple but they would not count as reps due to the standards, a week prior I tweaked my shoulder alittle so I avoid all practice, i was just hoping the hours of youtube videos and adrenaline would pay off.

So the plan for 17.2 was all about pacing, I would take my time, break up the toes to bars and have energy and time to try a few muscle ups.

Everything went as planned and when I arrived at the bar for the muscle ups I felt pretty good, I channeled my inner ape and was able to pump out 2 muscle ups!!! I was so pumped

17.2 is in the books with a score of 80 reps RX.

( I'm in the law enforcement division here in my province and after two workouts I'm sitting 9th out of 13, so I have alittle work to to)


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