Crossfit Open 17.1 Recap

Well The Crossfit Open Has begun, and 17.1 was announced the other day...

17.1 was is a combination of dumbbell snatches and burpee box jumps.

My goal going into this years Crossfit Open was to Rx all of the workouts, which would be a challenge to be as I know muscle ups, handstand push ups and a few other movements i struggle with will show up. 17.1 is a very doable workout, I will just find the 50lbs dumbbell snatches a little heavy.

Well 17.1 is done and in the books, I'm not one to redo workouts but if I did I would pace myself better. I went hard out of the gate and died off.... Overall I am happy with a score of 175 reps RX.

On to 17.2

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