Crossfit Open 16.2 Prediction

Well 16.1 is in the books and 16.2 in less then a hour away, so that means it's time to offer my Crossfit Open 16.2 prediction.

The Dave Castro loves to tease the Crossfit community, so he has offered up two clues to what The Open 16.2 will be.....

Clue #1 - A book cover titled " The Grapes Of Wrath " which is a Penguin Classic : What sticks out here the most to be is CLASSIC - So I think this will be a classic workout.

Clue #2 - A picture of a fire hydrant - What I think here is , Hydrants put out burning things.... So a Burner ( Quick ) and  Firefighters use Hydrants, they also use ladders.

So when I add these together I think a Quick burner of a workout, A classic Ladder workout.... Maybe something with Clean and Jerks and toes to bar or handstand Push UPs...

Lets see

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