Tates Birth

Well a lot has changed in my life the last couple months , On January 24th my little son was born happy and healthy. We decided to call him Tate.

This post may not seem "normal" for a guy that works a tough job, does Crossfit and loves football, but seeing you son come into the world is an amazing experience.

The Day that little Tate was born I was working a night shift, I received a text from my wife saying.. "Ummm my water just broke" I was a little shocked and replied "really?" Heidi didn't message me back for a little then I started to think she was joking... I then was able to get her on the phone and she was getting ready to drive to the hospital.

I had my partner drive me their and we waited for her to show up.

We walked into the assessment area and the nurse said " What brings you here tonight?" Heidi replied " my water broke" the nurse came back with you and the rest of the city. I guess there was about 20 moms that ended up in the birthing unit that night. We ended up being placed in a waiting room and waited there from 11pm to about 8am the next morning.

Once there was finally a birthing room ( Room # 7 ) to place us in we headed upstairs, at this point the contractions were about 2 mins apart.

We settled in for what would be a long day of labor for Heidi.

I found the nurses all great and there was a doula that was volunteering on the floor that spent all day with us helping us out.

My plan going into all this was that I would be up but Heidi's head and I wouldn't look down for any of it, but after 1.5 hours of pushing I looked and it was pretty cool to see your Son coming into the world.

At 18:08Hrs Tate was born, I don't know what hit me but as soon as I saw him and heard him cry I started to cry myself. It was amazing to see this little guy that I was waiting 9 months to meet and he was finally here, and had 10 fingers and 10 toes and all the other parts.

Heidi was a trooper through the 19 hours of labor and it made me more stuffed up seeing the pain on her face turn to pure Joy having Tate laid on her chest.

It's amazing to have the little guy around, you seem to be able to watch him grow each day. It is funny how many times a day the words "isn't he cute" are said around our house.

Our other babies ( Dog and Cat ) are adjusting well, the cat doesn't seem to care about him, but when he cries she takes off.... The dog wants him to play ball with her which leads to you having to watch her as she'll try to drop the ball on him while he's laying down.

I'm sure there will be more updates to come.


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