CrossFit Open 14.1

The CrossFit Season has began, and on Thursday night the first open workout was announced live on the Crossfit site. The workout (14.1) is the same as 11.1 from a few years back.


Workout 14.1

10-minute AMRAP:
30 double-unders
15 power snatches, 75 / 55 lb.

Here's the top 5 scores so far, even though I know Rich Froning has recorded a 444..... How did you do?

(1)Jason Khalipa(442)                                                                                                                
(2)Scott Panchik(435)                                                                                              
(3)Ronnie Teasdale(406)                                                                                                            
(4)Jake Holmberg(401)                                                                                                             
(5)Olivier Donais (400)                                                                                                              
(5)Philip Trojanowski(400)

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