Tips for CrossFit

Here are a few CrossFit tips that I picked up in my short time performing CrossFit.

crossfit tips
Photo from Crossfitzone
1. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.... In order to see gains and stay healthy you need your 8 hours or more of sleep.

2. Food... Breakfast is everything, you need energy for your workouts and to get your through the day. Eggs are a awesome way to start your day. People say proper food will lead to PR's for the first while.

3. Warm-up.... If your running late getting to the Box, make sure you warm-up. I learned this by making the mistake of not warming up properly and hurting myself.

4. Work on your Mobility, this is where you will see your gains.

5. Don't over train, my of the trainers was talking about stress and how it effects your body, you have to remember that overtraining stresses your body as well.

6. Take it easy on the advanced movements like muscle ups and butterfly kips, I know we all wanna do them, but until your advanced you'll only hurt yourself.

7. Build up your grip, You'll get to a point where you could deadlift more but your grip just gives out.

8. Have fun...

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