Front Squat CrossFit Tips

The other day I set a PR in the Front Squat, I have learned to love squats ever since starting Crossfit and I have seen big gains in that movement.

We have great coaches at our box so I wanted to pass along a few tips to help you with your Front Squat.

1. Do More Front Squats.... A lot of people shy away from Front Squats because they are harder and you can't do as much weight but you'll never get better at them unless you do them.

2. Do your Squat training right after your warm-up.. You wanted to be rested while trying to gain that strength, save the high intensity work for last.

3. Mobility. This is a area I need to work on, I find my mobility poor in my back and shoulders so it effects my squats.

4. Get Those Elbows Up!   You'll have to work on your mobility in order to get your Elbows up, you need to use those elbows to lead you up.

5. Squat Deep.  Get those squats low, it helps activate the butt muscles and uses all those muscles to help push you to bigger gains.

6. Drop Down. When you start your squat make sure your hips go straight down vs back, which will cause your upper body to go forward and just mess everything up.

7. Loosen that Grip. When doing a proper front squat you shouldn't need to grip the bar, the bar should be sitting on the shelve created by your shoulders and the bar should just rest there. Don't have a death grip on the bar.

8. Lock it in with your breath - Use your breath to lock in your spine, tighten those glutes, lock the spine in with that breath and go.

Hope this Tips help you PR each week....

Thanks to my coaches at CrossFit Exertion for all the help.


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