Protein Pudding

One of my favorite desserts growing up was pudding, I'd help mom mix it before supper and while we ate it set. Before we ate it we would sprinkle chocolate chips on the top.... Yum

So I haven't had pudding in a long time, and now that I'm trying to get in shape it was hard to justify, but the other day when getting groceries I cam up with a great idea... Add protein to my pudding to give this treat some value.

Well I bought a pack of banana pudding to match my banana Protein and made it up added a scoop of powder, and used almond milk. I divided it into 4 portions, so each portion should have about 8 grams of protein in it.

After waiting for it to set I realized maybe the almond milk made it stay alittle runny vs real milk, that's the only thing I'd change.  Give it a try if you need a cheat dessert.

protein pudding
Pretty Easy High Protein Treat

protein pudding mix

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