CrossFit WOD 13/11/07

Today was a good workout, I felt a little sluggish during the workout and I feel it was because of diet,
as of late I have been eating pretty good but last night my brother in law and family were over and we had pizza and pop. I had some and I think my body didn't agree.

When I first started CrossFit there was a guy there (George) that always wore cool graphic T-Shirts so about a week in I started to dip into my collection of graphic T-Shirts, today Buzz Light Year.

Warm-up.... Then...

A.) Cycle Through consistently 10 minutes
HSPU 5-7 reps
Toes To Bar 7-10 reps
rest 5 min

B.) Cycle Through consistently 10 minutes
10 Kb Snatches Total
10 Pistols Total
rest 5 min

C.) Cycle Through Consistently 10 minutes
6 TGUs ( Turkish Get Up's)
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

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