CrossFit WOD 13/10/29

After my 2 rest days over the weekend I returned back to Crossfit yesterday. I did not attend my normal 6 am class as I was just getting off night shifts, i went home slept and when I woke up I went to the 5pm class before returning to work.

You know you had a hard workout when your at work and you have issues gripping and pulling your notebook from your shirt pocket.

Today Looks like a good workout, again I'll go home and sleep soon then head to the 5pm class later.

Here's a question for you guys, when do you guys like to workout??

Warm-up then...

A.) Push Press 5RM in 12 minutes

B.) AMRAP Pull Ups in 60 seconds x 3; rest 60 seconds

C.) Elizabeth
Clean 135/95
Ring Dip

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