CrossFit WOD 13/10/22

Well I had my alarm set this am for 5:15am to make it to the 6am class but that never happened. I had a rough night, woke up a ton of times so I ended up sleeping in.  My legs were killing for yesterdays WOD but I checked online and saw that todays would be mainly shoulders so off to the noon time class I went...... My shoulders are burnt now!

Warm-up then.....

A1.) Push Press 6-6-6-4-4-4; start every 2 min
A2.) (wtd) Pull Up 6×4-6; start every 2 min

B.) Pull Up 10×5 reps; rest as needed

C.) 5 Sets
1 Arm Push Press 10 reps
20 Russian KBS


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