CrossFit WOD 13/10/17

crossfit exertion
From CrossFit Exertion site
I have been going to CrossFit 3 times a week, this week I'm upping it to 4 times which works out to 3 days in a row. Today my legs were burning from my WOD yesterday and after today I won't be able to feel my shoulders...

A.) EMOTM 14
Odds: HSPU 5-8
Evens: Pull Up 8-10
rest 4-6 minutes
B.) EMOTM 14
Odds: Single Arm KB Clean and Press/Jerk x 5
Evens: 40 Double Unders

rest 4-6 minutes

C.) 100 1 Arm Rows; 50/50 per arm, break up as needed

Click on highlighted movements above to see description.

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