Leming Footwear

leming stem footwearHere's alittle update on Leming Footwear, you may remember the company as being named Stem Footwear but they changed their name to head in a new direction.

Here's what their site says:

Leming Footwear, is an energetic company striking a new path. Our shoes provide an experience that is outside the norm, allowing you to feel the ground beneath your feet.

We live by our LEMing Core Principles:
1) Level & Flat
2) Extra Wide Toebox
3) Minimal Design

Nothing more than neccessary...

Leming  has five new styles coming out in Spring 2013.

They will all be constructed on an 8-mm LEMRubber air-infused sole, which is the same sole material used on the original Lemings. The five styles are a Dress Oxford (men’s), a Mary Jane (women’s), an All-Season Boot (unisex), a Boat Shoe (unisex?), and a Canvas Loafer (men’s). Release dates: February/April, 2013)

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  1. I got a gift card to Laces in San Diego. I'll check a frew of these shoes out.