Women's Pulse Glove Review

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What's more exciting than heading out to pick up a new pair of shoes to review? I always see Kenny opening boxes of nifty running shoes and trying them out. A little bit envious? Perhaps, but he hooked me up with a pair to review!

I was able to go online and choose the color and model of my choice. I picked the Merrell Pulse Glove in a pretty purple and pink color. When I first opened the box I was a little taken back by the tent appearance of the shoe, but after putting them on I quickly dismissed my initial disapproval of the 'tent'. These shoes live up to their name 'glove' because they are so comfortable and literally fit like a glove.

 The sole of the shoe is a Vibram product and has a special type of rubber (IceTrek - a softer rubber that will grip wet or icy surfaces) meant for running in winter conditions. The purpose of the tent over the shoe is for wet and cold weather, which is perfect for our climate here by the ocean. It can be quickly wiped down and it's good to go and this way your laces remain dry and clean, it is also water resistant! Kenny would tell me that the sole is Zero Drop which means the heel and the forefoot are the same distance off the ground...meaning the heel isn't raised.

The toe box on these shoes is medium sized which gives your toes room to move around. Thinking of wearing these shoes bare foot? You're in luck, Merrell made sure their shoe is seam-free so you'll skip the blister part. The sole is 4mm thick and the size 9 shoe weights 6.7 oz.

The zipper is pretty cool, its a locking zipper so when its pointing towards the toes it will not go down, so you wont have to worry about the zipper dropping when running. If you're thinking that when you are running the zipper will flop around, well Merrell thought of that, the zipper is spring loaded to keep it in the proper postion.

 I wore the shoes for my post-half marathon run and I was really impressed by them. As you know I am a huge fan of the Nike Frees, but I will most definitely be wearing these for some future runs. The sole is minimal enough that it doesn't feel like a bulky shoe, yet it is enough protection for me. I am not sold on the extreme minimalistic shoes so I always look for the perfect balance and the Pulse Glove hits the spot.

Verdict? I really like these shoes! I really love the quality of Merrell products and I know I get the quality some other shoe brands lack. The Pulse Glove really is a great minimalistic shoe with the perfect amount of padding to the shoe.
Heidi's Questions:
Are you a fan of Merrell shoes?
Do you like minimalistic shoes or more bulky shoes?

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