Duncans Cove Hike

The past week has been a busy one around here, it was awesome to have family coming and staying with us and Idlehide seemed to have something on the go everyday. Idlehide just graduated from Dental Hygeiene.

This weekend was a bright sunny one here in Nova Scotia so on Sunday we decided to head out to Duncans Cove for a hike. There was a debate amongest the group between Duncans Cove and Prospect Bay, both would have been awesome on a sunny day.

Duncans Cove photo
Me and Idlehide

duncans cove rocks
Chatting with my brother

nova scotia lobster boat
Lobster Fishing
 After we hiked for a while everyone in the group was hungry so we headed to Now We're Cooking which is a little take-out spot near by. Now We're Cooking is famous for their fish and chips and they didn't dissapoint.

Seafood take-out
Seafood Takeout
After we had our Fish and Chips we headed to my sisters place to see my Twin nephews. They are so full of energy and never stop entertaining you.

"A" wearing my shades

"A" putting on a schow as he eats corn
"L" on the trike

"L" being checked off the trike