Backyard & Veranda Sale Fail

We were looking forward to the Warehouse Sale at Backyard & Veranda, they were hyping up the sale on their website so we headed over this am to see if we could find a deal on a Pendant light for our new house.

I don't know what you expect for a "Warehouse Sale" but I think it would have been better labeled "Single Car Garage Sale", the area for the sale items was tiny and we were there 15mins after they opened and there was hardly any product. I have been to yard sales for better selection. I was pumped because they had  the light we wanted, we have seen this style in their store for $299-$399  so being on sale we would grab one. Well we looked at the price tag and it was 50% off (Sweet) oh wait the light is now $649......... 

I hate when stores have sales and they turn out to be big flops, was a waste of a drive, maybe not totally, I got a awesome breakfast sandwich :)


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