Night Out On The Town

Recently at work I won a couple tickets to a comedy show that was held at our local casino here in Halifax.

Around supper time we (idlehide)  headed downtown and went to a local pub on the waterfront that plays live jazz music, We had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free type of thing.

I ordered the Fish and Chips from the menu that focused heavily on seafood. I will eat fish and chips maybe once a year, and I always enjoy it, I just try to avoid all that grease.

After the meal we headed over to the casino where the comedy show was held and we were a little early so we walked around the casino, it's kinda sad seeing all the elderly people spending all their money there. I looked for the oddest slot machine to throw a few dollars in, when I rounded the corner I knew I had found the winning slot machine.... It sparkled and blinded me so I much so I couldn't see anything else. The slot machine was called "Kitty Glitter", how can you lose on a machine with the ugliest cat you've ever see on it? And I didn't.

We went up to the comedy show and enjoyed the 2 hour show, I laughed the whole time.

Last night I went for a run in my Altra Adams and it felt good to get back running

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