House Hunting

So the last few months I've been spending almost every free moment looking at homes online and going to see them in person.

We had found a great house with a great lawn but after inspection it had too many issues to deal with so the hunt was on again. It took awhile to find another one we wanted but when we did it came with a few road bumps aswell but we were able to work through them and it looks like it will be ours.

I'm pretty excited to have my own place so yesterday we went out looking at furniture, I want to make one of the bedrooms into a Man Room/Media room... I want some cool theatre chairs and found an awesome set but I'm not willing to pay the "new" price.

Here's my question: Can a guy use Pinterest ?

I ask this because I recently signed up for Pinterest to log my ideas for the new house, so what do you think?

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