Halifax Bluenose Marathon

friends eating at Q smokehouseThis past week has been busy around here, Idlehide has been finishing up her year of University as well as graduating from Dal University. A Little  over a week ago was my 30th birthday and contrary to what my wife thinks I didn't drop dead from old age.

For my Birthday a bunch of my friends met at a downtown eatery called Q Smokehouse and had a awesome turkey dinner. The group paid a flat fee and they served a full turkey with all the fixings, I loved the cornbread.

Here in Halifax over the weekend, out great city hosted the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon which is quickly becoming one of the top Marathons in the country. Over 12,000 runners were treated to great weather and maritime music as they ran around the city.

Idlehide, her sister and cousin all ran the Half Marathon and all had awesome races, I am very proud of them all.
awesome marathon medal photos

I'm currently on vacation and we are having awesome weather, I went for a run in my Merrell Pulse gloves this morning. My vacation will be spent studying most of the time as I need to brush up on some material for work as they are sending me away on a course at the end of the month.

Well have a great day,

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