Barefoot Lawyers

I was reading an article on The Vancouver Sun about barefoot lawyers in India, the story isn't about lawyers running barefoot but about poor villagers that are trained as paralegals to help their fellow countrymen regain their farmland.

The article is worth a read, here's a little preview below:

It was a deal struck almost 40 years ago by a poor, illiterate Indian farmer, driven by desperation after a drought wiped out his crops and left his family close to starvation.
The agreement: Four hectares of land, the size of four soccer fieldss, for a mere 10 kg of sorghum.

“My father-in-law pawned the land for food,” said Kowasalya Thati, lifting the hem of her grey sari and stepping into the muddy field of rice paddy in Kottasuraream village in the southern region of Andhra Pradesh.

Read the rest of the Article at The Vancouver Sun

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