James Cameron Completes Deep Sea Challenge

National Geographic Pic
Sometimes mainstream media frustrates me, today I flipped to CNN hoping to catch some coverage of James Cameron's decent to the ocean floor...but instead they were talking politics!

James Cameron's deep sea challenge took him to the deepest part of the ocean called Mariana Trench which is about 500 km's southwest of Guam.

It only took Cameron 70mins to drop to the ocean floor in his vertical torpedo sub. Cameron spent hours hovering over the desert-like seafloor and gliding along its cliff walls, the whole time collecting samples and video.

The videos should be amazing to see, I'm guessing they will be in

Question: Cameron has money to throw away, if you had more money then you could spend what crazy thing would you do?


  1. What crazy thing would I do... hmm I'd probably actually go clothes shopping and wear something other than running gear :)

    1. Haha thats too funny, Runners do kind of get stuck always wearing athletic