London Olympics Go Barefoot

The London 2012 Olympics will be the biggest sporting event of 2012. This year the Summer Olympics are being held in the great city of London, there's alot of hype around these set of games.

One thing that I was reading about today was pretty interesting about the award ceremonies.

The Athletes could be forced to accept any London 2012 medals in bare feet to avoid breaching contracts with personal sponsors. The reason for this is that athletes like Mark Cavendish is sponsored by Nike but with him being part of Team GB he will have to be wearing Adidas, who sponsors Team GB.

According to a report in The Telegraph, agents of Britain's top competitors have warned that athletes could take off their shoes before walking out to the podium to avoid contractual issues with personal sponsors.

One agent claimed a "gentleman's agreement" had been in place at previous Games, with sports brands agreeing to overlook footwear, but the British Olympic Association has confirmed its intention to enforce the rule. ( Of having to heaving the full team outfit at the award ceremony, including footwear)

It should be interesting to see what comes from this over the months, But Hey, worst case is that they go barefoot, which is great!

Go barefoot



  1. Huh, how about that??? Now I'm going to try to see what the elite's toenails look like!!! ;)

    1. I'm guessing their toenails would be pretty beat up