Kigo Flit Review

Why My Kigo Flits Pushed My TOMS Aside

by Pattie Baker

I first heard buzz about Kigo Footwear on Facebook.  My friends were talking.  Turns out Rachelle Kurimoto, the company founder and owner, lived nearby.  I arranged to meet her and exchanged my recently-released book, Food for MyDaughters, and a jelly jar of herbs from my garden for a pair of Kigo Flits. 

A passionate TOMS shoe fan for a few years now, I put the Kigos on.  How could they possibly compare to TOMS? Oh, sure, I knew they had a much better sustainability story to them (and that matters to me).  Made from recycled materials,  completely recyclable.  But my TOMS.  What could be more comfortable than they are?  What could fit better into my life than my Toms, which I have in several colors and wear (and wear out) constantly?

Well, TOMS Shoes, move over and make room.  I stand here splayed-toe in my "barefoot lifestyle" footwear and tell you that there is a new shoe in my life.  And now that I've been wearing my Kigo Flits for two months straight, I can attest that they fit perfectly into my winter life as they work better with socks than my TOMS Shoes, and their sturdy soles make it possible for them to truly take a beating (welcome to my world).  What's more, my feet are definitely happy feet--and I'm not talking about the penguin here! 

But you want to know what makes me even happier about meeting Rachelle?  Her thoughts about The Art of Making Mistakes. Her extraordinary, immediately-evident poise and strength.  Her positive mental and physical energy.  The fact that she is in this world, thinking, creating, doing, and that I now consider her my friend. And the fact that I could tell my daughters about her and her company, as another example of what's possible in this ever-changing world. 

Thanks, Rachelle.  When we go on that hike through the woods soon, you know what I'll be wearing.  My Kigo Flits.  (Sorry, TOMS.)

Adapted from a post that appeared on FoodShedPlanet.

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