Kenya Barefoot Running

I was just reading a Question and Answer story in the National Post about runners in Kenya. It's worth a read, you can follow the link in The National Post story here.

One of the possible myths about runners in Kenya is that they all believe in barefoot running, the question is answered below.

Q: Do you believe in the barefoot running technique?
A: No. In fact, after their first races, the ones where they run without shoes because they have no possibility to buy them, whenever they have the possibility of a contract with a shoe company, they immediately start running with shoes.

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  1. One of my friends said essentially the same thing to me once - most Kenyans would rather run with shoes, but just aren't able to as children.

    While this may be used as an argument AGAINST barefoot running, it highlights what is probably the most important point, which is that they develop proper form when they are children so it doesn't matter what shoes they wear as adults.

    It would be more beneficial to be without shoes when younger, so that we can develop proper form then. Then it wouldn't matter what we wear!

    1. That is very well put, I agree totally.

      Adam do you write much, if so I am always looking for guest bloggers


    2. I always could, if I had something to write about!

  2. Of course, they would rather run in shoes...they are getting PAID to do it by a shoe company!