Vivobarefoot Evo 2

The Vivobarefoot Evo II
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For some of us, barefoot running is something we can dive right in to.  For others, we may need a bit of a transition period between regular running shoes and running shoes that divide up the toe fraternity.  This transition period should consist of wearing a minimalist shoe that is super light and gets you close to the ground while not altogether abandoning the concept of shoes as we have come to know them.  Think of it as putting your feet in the water for a bit to get a feel for the temperature before diving in.  With this same logic, try a minimalist shoe that will ease you in to barefoot running. 
A shoe like the Vivobarefoot Evo II is great for getting you introduced to the world of barefoot running.  It is a lightweight, minimalist shoe with a foam footbed and microfiber lining for absorbing sweat and other moistures.  So, if you lace these bad boys up, they will be different than what you are used to but you will certainly be ready for a long run through any kind of terrain.  The sole may wear away a bit quick, but that is what you get in exchange for an awesome workout in a shoe that puts your feet literally on the ground.    

The experts at Vivobarefoot have worked for nearly a decade to make shoes that works incognito with natural human movement and they believe they have done just that with the Vivobarefoot Evo II – and I believe them.  While the VIVOBAREFOOT Evo II will not give you quite the natural walking experience that a shoe from Vibram Five Fingers  will, it is an amazing minimalist shoe that will bring a brand new, liberated feeling to someone who has never ventured into this arena of modern athletics. 

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