NFL Playoffs


I have been away on a two week course for work and I took my laptop so I would be able to update the site. When I arrived there was no wifi and the week was soo busy I really had no time to update. This weekend I got snowed in and I was able to locate the hardwire cord for the Internet in my room.

I've been studying all day and hope to break later for some NFL playoff football. Now that I have Internet I'll try to get some posts up, but this week will be harder then the last.

The course I'm doing is a Drug Recognition Expert course, it's pretty cool stuff.

Below is a video from the states that gives a demo of a DRE


  1. Life without my laptop??? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  2. I know.. Im not used to classes and studying so been falling asleep at

  3. I tagged you for 11 random facts and 11 questions. check my 1/26 post for the details!!