Half Marathon Training

I've been thinking about doing a half marathon this spring so I was cruising the web looking for a good training plan and came across this Marathon Train Schedule at Sports Fitness Advisor

 Marathon Training Schedule

Below is the complete beginner marathon training schedule.
It's based on a 5-day week with 2 days rest. The long run is scheduled for Saturday with recovery on Sunday and rest on Monday. Your own plan might vary from which is fine. Just try to have a rest day before the long run and recovery after it.

Marathon Training Schedule

Asking what are Fartlek Sessions? Check out here.

Notice how the distances and times for individual sessions gradually increase?

Notice also how it doesn't increase continually from session to session - there are easier weeks interspersed through out the whole marathon training schedule.

And notice how the final weeks and days of the marathon training schedule tapers off towards the big event?

You can adjust these peaks and troughs in intensity. For the most part, especially in a beginner program like this, there is no exacting scientific formula. Instead listen to your body...


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