Minimalist Running Shoe Collection

I was reading a post the other day from The Barefoot Running University titled Why Are Barefoot Runners Such Shoe Whores?

Jason wrote: I’m a barefoot runner, yet I have a shoe collection that takes up an embarrassingly large space. Most of my peers are in the same boat. What’s the deal?

Well I don't know what the deal is but I headed to the closet and pulled out all my shoes, I have a good little collection going as well.

I know each shoe serves a purpose, for different situtions during the day. What's you favorite shoe?

From top left to right... Adidas Clima Cool, Invisiable Shoes ( review coming) Jinga shoes, Vivobarefoot Evo, Nike Free, Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas, VFF Komodo Sport.


  1. I'm considering the Bikila's... Do you like?

  2. I love them,, But I love my Komodo Sports more, if just running I'd go with Bikilas, Komodo the better all around