Transition Shoes by Nicolas Couch

I have been hearing a lot of buzz online about a new pair of shoes called Transition Shoes designed by Nicolas Couch, a New Zealand designer.
The thing that I really like about these new shoes is that the Transition Shoes are designed in a truly minimalist way.  Most minimalist running shoes are designed with so many parts, up to 50, and chemicals that their design is not truly minimalist.

The Transition Shoes are designed with 5 parts and are free of glues and co-molded parts. The idea is when a part of the shoe wears down the user can simply take it off recycle it and replace it with a new part.

I find the shoes look a lot like a pair of Nike Free's

The creator says that Transition is a “back to basics” sustainably made running shoe that follows the barefoot style principle.

The shoe consists of an outer sole, inner sole, a body and a set of laces that tie the whole thing together.

I look forward to getting my toes in a pair of Transition Shoes to review


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