SKORA Performance Running Shoes

The other day I recieved a email from Patrick Stratton, Vice President of
 SKORA Inc. SKORA wanted to provide me with this updat
e on SKORA's high performance minimalist running shoes.
Earlier I wrote about SKORA launching these shoes in 2011 but it is looking like it will be Spring of 2012 before these great shoes hit the stores and your toes.
From the SKORA website: At SKORA we view Real Running as running how nature intended. As the foot strikes the ground, contact is made at the midfoot, not at the heel. Compared to running in conventional running shoes (that favor a heel strike supported by large amounts of cushioning, support and a thicker heel), there is less impact energy and force shock transmitted through the body through the bones.

For years, we have been sold technology that is supposed to make the running process better than nature has intended. Despite the millions of marketing dollars spent, and countless studies, there has yet to be any conclusive proof that bags of air, gel, shock absorbers or fancy support systems work or decrease instance of injury. In fact, there are many studies that show the opposite.

From Snewsnet: SKORA will be launching its Base (MSRP: $125) and Form (MSRP: $195) shoes. Both models are built on SKORA’s REALFIT™ last with a natural arch shape, zero drop from heel-to-toe, a generous ball girth and wide toe box. Total stack height in both models is 13mm with the insole, 9mm without. These features enhance a natural mid-foot/all-foot contact consistent with a ‘barefoot-style’ of running. Both models are designed to be worn comfortably with or without socks.

The Base shoe has a high-tensile stretch mesh upper, with a whole sock fit and stitch down construction. It utilizes high-abrasion resistant sole rubber and promotes a precise fit with a nylon X-strap over the instep and an adjustable heel strap.

The Form model features a Pittards® Armor-Tan® goatskin leather upper with Pittards® sheepskin leather lining. The outsole has a 4mm tread. An asymmetrical lacing system, along with a unique tongue design, and a heel strap that matches foot shape and improves fit and comfort. The performance properties of the goatskin upper allow the shoe to form to the runner’s foot, dry four times faster than other leathers, and will always stay soft and supple with no leather treatments ever needed.

Here at I'm excited to see these shoes hit the market, SKORA as a company seems to be doing everything right and looks like a great minimalist running shoe provider. I hope to get my toes in a pair of these soon to review for you.


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