Minimalist Running Shoes In China

Vibram is the creator of the Five Fingers, the flagship shoe for the minimalist running shoe movement. Vibram who was always respected for their great outdoors shoes saw a huge boast from their Five Fingers line that now accounts for 30% of it's global sales.

Vibram Five Fingers have always been in China. China seems to really love Vibram Five Fingers, well at least their design. As Vibram Five Fingers grew in popularity, fake Vibram Five Fingers followed, now fakes have flooded the market and are very disappointing to their buyers as the quality is terrible.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Vibram has invested $20 million in a 12,000 square-meter building in Huadu, China.

At the complex, called the Vibram Technological Center, prototype Five Fingers (VFFs) are tested. The actual VFFs are manufactured elsewhere in China.

Any Vibram Five Finger user would love the chance to tour the complex, they have every type of surface possible there to test the newest Five Fingers, I but some funky designs have been spotted there.

Hopfully Vibram can find a way to slow down the production of fake Five Fingers that have flooded the market, learn here how to spot the fakes.


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