Jinga Shoe Review

*** The Full Jinga Shoe Review is now Completed Here ***

Jinga Shoes are a Brizilian shoe company that is growing in size around the world.  Presently I am working on getting a pair of Jinga's to provide a proper review but they only sell them in one store in all of Canada.

Jinga is from ginga a Brazilian Portuguese word meaning, loosely, an art of moving that is personal and individual; your rhythm, your style; something creative, fluid, exuberant and graceful.
Jinga Shoes are meant to capture this vibrancy and dynamism of Brazilian culture in an aspiring and empowering brand that has positive social and environmental outcomes, combating poverty and measurably reducing negative environmental impact in Brazil .

With its origins as a dance and Capoeira shoe, the Jinga Original is an exceptionally lightweight and flexible shoe. Weighing less than 300g per pair and with both upper and outersole designed to give the maximum range of movement to your feet, Jinga shoes allow you to move more freely, as nature intended. True to their Brazilian origins, Jinga shoes are produced in a range of vibrant colours.

From what I can see, Jingas have no heel, no arch, and no cushioning in the outsole. They remind me of a slipper, that is very flexible and lightweight. From what I read the sole is only 4mm which would offer you great ground feedback.

I look forward to getting my toes in a pair of Jinga's to offer a proper review.

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