Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon LS

Just when you thought that Vibram couldn't come out with any cooler Five Fingers they plan to launch the Spyridon LS in 2012. The Spyridon LS is designed as a trail runner which features a slightly beefier sole. The Spyridon LS offers laces, but there's rumours that there will be a non "LS" shoe without laces. I love the look of the Spyridon LS.

The Sole appears to have an aggressive grip and is said to have metal fibers in the sole to offer more protection. The shoe appears to have some mesh for a little more breathable, and a nice lip around your ankle for comfort.

Runners World: Brand Editor Warren Greene says: "A trail five fingers with metal fibers in the rubber for protection. Looked cool because natural off road is about as natural as you can get. As always, start slow."


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  1. i love Minimalist !!!!! you save my running carrer :)