Adidas AdiPure Trainer Review

Well there is another another toe shoe out there, The world’s second-largest athletic company (Adidas) unveiled its first minimalistic barefoot style training shoe this week.

The Adidas AdiPure Trainer like it's predecessors (Vibram Five Fingers and Fila Skeletoes ) is designed to give you that barefoot feel but offers some protection and traction. Adidas would like to tell you that there has never been a 5-toe model designed specially for the training ( I would like to argue that the Vibram Five Finger Komodo Sport were designed for training)

The Adidas AdiPure Trainer will be in stores November 2011 and it will be priced at $90.00

Adidas has been alittle late jumping into the Minimalistic shoe market, where Merrell and Vibram are the big names on the block and Nike, Saucony, New Balance and Reebok have solid shoes on the market. Adidas is only behind Nike for the biggest shoe company in the world, Nike's player in the "Barefoot" game is the Nike Free which is not as minimalistic as the others.

The barefoot shoe movement has been fueled by the barefoot running culture, which has long had proponents, but caught on more widely in 2009 after Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run” explored the history and benefits of it.

There's little info out there on the Adidas AdiPure Trainer but it looks like it is very flexible and the upper has no strap, it looks like the upper of a pair of Nike Free's without the laces that you would slide your foot into. It will be interesting to see how the shoe stays on during aggressive training.

It looks like the sole will offer plenty of traction and it doesn't seem to be too thick. When looking at the upper of the Adidas AdiPure Trainer, it doesn't seem to be that breathable, we'll have to see.

Check back down the road as more information is released.


  1. They look cool and comfy, I'll be interested to try them compared to my Vibrams

  2. i like mine. very comfy

  3. adidas always known for fashionista and optimistic trends in shoes!