Montrail Rogue Racer Review

Ultra-lightweight trail racing flat designed for trail racers who crave minimalism and low profile performance

Product Features
- Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 g
- A “Micro“ three-point lug design for extreme lightweight multi-directional traction, combined with full-length Gryptonite
- Horizontal and vertical flex grooves provide forefoot flexibility
- Ride Height: 18 mm heel, 9 mm forefoot
- Fit Notes: Secure fit
- Low profile midsole for flexibility and a fast responsive feel on the trail
- Combined external TPU shank and Trail Shield™ for support and traction

The Montrail Rogue Racer is Montrail's big splash into the Minimalist running shoe market, when comparing these shoes to a pair of Vibram Five Fingers or the Puma Faas 500 but comparing them to other trail shoes they are truly minimalist.

The Rogue Racer is a very comfortable shoe, when slideing it on it's very slipper-like.  Montrail has made this shoe alittle wider but still fits great. The only issue with fit would be that I find the toe box too be alittle smaller then I would like.

 Its outsole is very very flexible, with a point of flexion (where the sole bends when you bend the shoe as if you were to break them in two) just above the ball of the feet, which helps to the low-to-the-ground feel, but still keeping enough structural integrity to make them stable.

As per the cushioning, the EVA of its midsole gives you the right shock absorption for this type of shoes. The area from the heel to the flexion point mentioned before has just the extra cushioning to make them very comfortable to run in but not to make them heavy of clunky

For a trail shoe the Montrail Rogue Racer is extremely light, when wearing this shoe at some points you'll forget it's there, this is something you'll love on those hill climbs.


  1. Very cool! THanks for the review!

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