Barefoot Running In The Rain

It was a rainy day here in Halifax today, I was working so I ended up getting alittle wet. During my lunch hour I popped into the gym and did my cardio inside.

With the rain falling outside, and as I drove around the city and passed a lot of dedicated runners out in the pouring rain I figured some of you would be wondering about Barefoot Running In The Rain?

A lot of people are concerned about Running Barefoot In The Rain, really there's no big issue with running in the rain., so don't use it as an excuse!

The only issue with running barefoot in the rain is that your feet get wet, and then you start wearing away the calouses because the skin gets soft when its wet. Think of your "granny" fingers after you get out of soaking in the tub, they can't take alot of abuse.

On a safety side, most surfaces aren't too bad in terms of traction, though I'd avoid things like metal grates and wood planks when it's wet - they can be really slippery.

And if your wearing your Vibram Five Fingers, the rain won't hurt them, again watch the slippery areas and you may have to get used to the feeling every time you step in a puddle, I find it refreshing tho.

Enjoy Yout Run!

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  1. i love running in the rain! I actually prefer it. So refreshing!!