Fila Skeletoes Review

The Fila Skeletoes are Fila's barefoot walking shoe. They are made for men, women and children. Fila has designed them to be used in such activities as Swimming, boating, walking and light actitiy.

The Fila Skeletoes are a great shoe, but do they remind you of anything?

Five Fingers Look Alike?

Though they look similar to Vibram Five Fingers,  Fila does not see this product as a direct competitor to the Five Fingers. But Vibram does see them as a competitor as they are sueing over it Fila's design.

The skeletoes are not designed for running, which is one of the primary uses of the Five Fingers. Instead they are intended to be more of a shoe to be worn after you run or after you are done your workout you can slip on your Skeletoes, jump in the shower then head home.

Men, Women and Kids!
The Fila Skeletoes are barefoot shoes targeted to men and women and Fila is even went on step farther then Vibram and are making this product in kids sizes. Even kids need healthy shoe choices. They are certainly priced right at $59 for Men and Women and $49 for kids.

What are they made from?

The Skeletoes are made from a four way stretch, two ply nylon that is pretty comfortable. They have a bungee cord much like the VFF's Sprints and a velcro strap.

There are 2 things that the Skeletoes differ from Five Fingers:
  • The bottom sole of the Skeletoes does not wrap up around the toes like VFF's
  • Skeletoes have the last 2 toes in one pocket.

The Skeletoes are not meant to be worn for runnng and are not as high end as a pair of Vibram Five Fingers.
They are a great casual shoe that are cheaper then the VFF's

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