Top 5 Minimalist Shoes

The choices for minimalist runners has just increased.  And looks to continue in a positive direction.  So far, it's been mostly smaller companies leading the charge, but I think the goliaths will come on board soon.

  1. Run Barefoot.....Cost = Free  This is the way we were designed to run...
  2. Vibram FiveFinger shoes...several choices in their ever-expanding line.  I like the KSO.  Cost = $75-$125 depending on model.
  3. Terra Plana shoes, Terra Plana, similar to Feelmax, have several minimalist shoes, but the Evo is their first from them for runners. Cost = $160.
  4. Sockwa Shoes.... Are socks that are made for running... Cost = $25
  5. Nike Free's......I know they are not a "true" Minimalist shoes, but the closest you'll get from the big shoes companies...Cost = $149
Oh And I have to add Luna Sandals, you can order the sandals that the Tarahumara wear.

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